In HIS Name Counseling

Published on: Saturday, November 10, 2012

I began working with Donna Potter on her Biblical Counseling ministry In HIS Name Counseling.

I started off by assisting Donna register two new domains, one to replace her former vague domain of and another to branch off another ministry she is a part of, Addiction Conquerors, to it's own domain.

With the new website domain registered, I began developing a brand-new modern site for In HIS Name Counseling, thanks to design help from Rebecca Cornell.

I have also taken the reins to work with Donna's former website hosting provider to move her current site and domain into my hosting account. With a lot of clean-up of the code, the site now lives on my server at both the old domain (an abridged version linking to the new domain) and the new domain, which both will be active until the new site is complete and ready to go live.